Iago’s jealousy

Alex Rhyne English 131.2 12/7/16 Professor Lucas In Othello, Iago is the downfall of Othello and Desdemona but from a different point of view Cassio is a very devoted to Othello himself. Cassio is young and inexperienced but Othello gave him this job for the fact he studied war but never has been in one. … More Iago’s jealousy


Iago, the Culprite?

Susan Snyders summary on Othello A Modern Perspective, tells of how she see’s the downfall of Othello and Desdemona. As a reader the point made of iago being the cause is most viable. Susan Snyder says “the most obvious and immediate answer is Iago […]then suspected by the more as desdemona’s love”. (287) With this … More Iago, the Culprite?

Info about me

My name is Alex Rhyne and I am from a small town named lincolnton. I am a freshman at Lenoir Rhyne and plan to be a secondary education teacher. I came to lenoir rhyne because it was my dream school and also my grandfather went here and i wanted it to honor him since he died … More Info about me