Iago, the Culprite?

Susan Snyders summary on Othello A Modern Perspective, tells of how she see’s the downfall of Othello and Desdemona. As a reader the point made of iago being the cause is most viable. Susan Snyder says “the most obvious and immediate answer is Iago […]then suspected by the more as desdemona’s love”. (287) With this Iago is the one that lead to Othello’s mistrust to Cassio and Desdemona.

With Iago being the culprit he uses his spawn Rodrigo as help. He used other people to help him set up Cassio and having a close connection with Othello it was very easy for him to do so. He plots the way to Cassio’s downfall Caused by his jealousy, so he starts by persuading others about how cassio is unfit for the job. When he talks to Othello (3.3 436-49) Iago speaks of the passion supposable that Cassio has for Desdemona, having a plot to have Desdemona as his love. This seed he plants in Othello arises mistrust in him, and this leads the asking of he handkerchief (3.4 105-15) which is implied by Iago that cassio has it, Othello outraged he leaves from where they are. It leads on to the beginning of act four with Iago telling of the alleged scandal between Cassio and Desdemona. Leading to act five with more of Iagos banter of Cassio and Desdemona, and he smothers Desdemona (5.2 100-08). Othello finds out the truth of Iago’s plot and goes to Iago where he stabs and kills him.

In conclusion Iago was the reason for the mistrust in Desdemona lead to the downfall of her. That one’s man jealousy and others love can make someone do anything out of rage. Iago is the culprit to the events leading to Othello killing Desdemona, that he is the reason that Othello thinks cassio wants his wife.

Mowat, Barbara A. and Paul Werstine, eds. Foldger shakespeare library: Othello by William Shakespeare Simon and Schuster,2009

Snyder, Susan. “Othello; A Modern Perspective” Foldger shakespeare library Othello by William Shakespeare, Edited by Barbara A Mowat and Paul Werstine, Simon  and Schuster, 2009.


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