Devotion of Lincoln than Garfield

In Sarah Vowells, Assassination Vacation she devotes four chapters to four different presidents. She Starts her first paragraph strong as she talks about one of the more memorable president who is Lincoln. She starts with a very different approach to start out her first chapter saying “Going to Ford theatre to watch the play is like going to Hooters for food”(21). Having started out like this drawing in the reader in early with sarcastic way of expression her opinion. This will show throughout the entire book. She devotes more of her writing and work into Lincoln than as she will for Garfield, she doesn’t devote chapter two for just Garfield it is spaced out with other important events that were based around Garfield.

Sarah Vowell shows that she devotes more to the respected presidents as she starts of with the most commonly know, that is Lincoln. She proceeded to show her love for the idled president. She expressed her inner joy of being at the lincoln memorial and other places. As she starts to go into the assassination of lincoln she side tracks only a little with the mentions of Powell and others from lincoln times but she gets right back into lincoln himself and the plot of John Wilkes Booth. Going into great detail about the assassination and how he plotted. Having so much experiences she tries to incorporate every section of her trip and wrap it back up to the famous assassination devoting even more time to the chapter.

 Chapter two is about Garfield, “The most famous thing ever said about President James A. Garfield is about how nobody has any idea who the hell he was”(123). This statement by Sarah Vowell is one hundred percent right as she has a harder time writing this chapter having to use sarcastic tone and humorous thoughts to engage the reader more. Her approach was not as strong as she told of more little jokes about nobody knew who Garfield was until he was dieing. Which was true expressed by Garfield’s daughters diary “It is something really beautiful to see how much people had gotten to love papa through all his sickness”(124). Sarah Vowell proceeds to continue the chapter but gets more off topic than usual.

In conclusion of all of the work she puts into the nonfiction writing of assassination Vacation, she shows her devotion to each chapter at first but is shorted out and less as the chapters are shorter and as she expresses her opinion more than she had in the first chapter with Lincoln. Her writing turns more whimsical as the chapters progress and are not as detailed. Sarah Vowell showed that she devoted more into chapter one with lincoln than in chapter two or any other chapters in this book.

Vowell, Sarah. Assassination Vacation. Simon and Schuster. 2005.


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